Cintex Wireless

Cintex Wireless has central office found in Gaithersburg, Maryland yet serves their network consumers throughout the country. This telecommunication supplier supplies low-cost, cordless solution and also record strategies along with any kind of mobile phone. “You take the phone, we do the remainder”.

Cintex Wireless also provides support service to those qualified for the Lifeline Assistance Program. This part of Cintex Wireless gives those which obtain government help with a cost-free cellular phone and cheap solution features like text message texting, voicemail and customer ID and also vocal cords minutes.

Talk and Text plans vary from $5.00 each month to $40.00 every month according to the number of vocal cords minutes as well as message the Cintex Wireless customer needs to have. Information intends selection from $10.00 every month to $25.00 every month, as soon as again, depending upon the customers needs.

Cintex Wireless supplies solution to a large range of buyers including, U.S. federal government assisted plans (such as the Lifeline Assistance Program), informal usage, as well as infinite plans. This indicates, Cintex Wireless users are going to find the excellent match at the best price for their mobile phone usage as well as expense.

The firm’s goal is actually to, “provide a top quality expertise at costs that could save our consumers funds.” Cintex Wireless is aware of the usefulness of keeping linked as well as the increasing value of an information plan. Along with their affordable solution strategies and nationwide protection, Cintex Wireless is actually the telecommunication service provider of option by hundreds of reasonable profit and federal government sustained Americans.

“Our company already existing to giving our clients.” To find out more regarding just how Cintex Wireless may provide you, see their website,, for qualification in to the Lifeline Assistance Program, additional detailed plan costs and also client service agents.

To find out more about the Lifeline Assistance Program, go to the FCC Lifeline web site, below.